Welcome to the Black Sheep Pub

The Black Sheep Pub was built as a tribute to European pubs. It is located on a mountain near the village of Nosara, Costa Rica with mountain, river valley and ocean views. There is a United Kingdom room with an English bar made in Sarchi from Guanacaste wood and an Irish corner. The European sections has German tables, a Czech section and there is an outdoor biergarten. A British patron called the Black Sheep Pub "a living beer museum."

There is always draft beer. Selections vary. There is also a large selection of European bottled beer and fine liquors. As in the European tradition, every beer has its own glass.

This is a private club--Members only--if you want to come up with a group, call or email. They generally can open on request with as much advance notice as possible.

Current Beer Selections February 2012

First time in Nosara: Blonde Ale from Perro Hermosa Brewery, Malpais

Witch's Rock Pale Ale from Volcan Brewery

Witchs Rock Nut Brown Ale from Volcan Brewery

Cass Wheat Ale: a seasonal ale from Costa Rica Craft Brewery
Libertas: a golden tropical ale from Costa Rica Craft Brewery
Segua: a hoppy ale from Costa Rica Craft Brewery

Monday, December 12, 2011

In Voice of Nosara- December 2011

Nosara—The Black Sheep has been a local favorite for years now and Joe the owner has created a pub that puts you in the city of London. Calling the Black Sheep first before you stop by is a must so they have someone to attend to your group and make sure the beer is flowing. One of the very few places in our area that serve beer from the tap, the Black Sheep is a very memorable experience if you can find it! 8928-5752